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Now is the time to take a stand. Our First Nations people are taking a stand to take our country back to its loreful occupation, we stand side by side. We need this message out to everyone!!!
Serve on every gov-co and corporation you can think of, it’s our time

Subject: Important Instruments Attached for your Immediate Attention

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Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent
Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal

Important Instruments Attached for your Immediate Attention

“You will own nothing and be happy”…

The famous catchphrase, “you will own nothing and be happy”, has been the bumper sticker for the World Economic Forum but what does this actually mean for you and me? Simply put and taking it to the bare bone fundamentals, the wealthiest families in the world, namely Rockerfellas and Rothchilds, have used the “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” as a form of modern-day slavery. Unknowingly you’ve consented to this and, by extension, consented to being the fictitious entity they created on your behalf which is a dead entity and as we know the dead cannot be harmed nor own anything. So, when it comes time to take everything away, they use this trickery and deception to their advantage and can come in and snap it up as its not yours to begin with and we are none the wiser as we’ve never been granted full disclosure.

The corrupt media has done a fantastic job instilling fear into our communities and immersing us in their indoctrination, particularly over the past 3 years, and what’s still yet to come will be no different. The indoctrination and programming we are under since a young age is all by design so as adults they can count on us being subservient to “authority” and fearful of repercussions so we are more likely to comply, however that plan is failing and we need to take a stand against the upcoming land grab in which they intend to take our properties and further increase the costs of living and drive our communities into poverty. Why- For control.

How do we prevent their plan coming to fruition when they are hell bent on taking our properties we’ve worked hard to have, you may ask?

We first need to recognise that from a young age we’ve been conditioned to believe there has been a divide, or war if you will, between our First Nations people and the non-originals, when all the while the war has been waged by the corporation, masquerading as “government”, against the living men and women of the lands. The advantage we have here in “Australia”, is that the lands we are occupying are not in fact “Australia” but Terra Australis. Thanks to this land being inhabited prior to colonisation, it meant Captain Cook claimed neighbouring islands and the best they could do was offer administration over this land, which they’ve done, and it clearly defines, in their own legislation (Section 2B, Acts Interpretations Act 1901), that “Australia” is exclusively Norfolk Island, Cocos/Keeling Islands and Christmas Island.

Thus we can rebut the “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” and hereby return the administration of the land to the living meaning the invalidity of the foreign corporation, acting as, “Australian Government” to act on this land and the foreign corporation acting as “Police” taking arms against the people, is thus unlawful, and it is our First Nations people who hold the keys to freeing the country. Therefore we are in the prime position to ready ourselves for what will be the biggest non-compliance in this country’s history. Are you ready to be a part of this shift?

Imagine this upcoming referendum falling in a heap as our communities stand together and we take the day back as “Retribution Day”, no longer paying the foreign corporation acting as “government” for the privilege to “drive” on the land, instead replacing it with our unalienable right to travel, and also to be granted caretaker of your property so the “government” has no jurisdiction to take it from you nor charge you to reside upon it. Would you feel empowered if this was being done for the benefit of us all?

In November 1999 without the knowledge nor consent of the people, Corporate “Local Governments” were introduced against the will of the people (after having been asked twice in fact in referendums in 1974 and again in 1988, in which the majority voted “No”). Clearly to the corporate “government”, our voices don’t matter when they have an agenda to fulfill.

You may be surprised to know Councils have been signing our communities over to the United Nations and sending our hard-earned money overseas without consultation with, nor approval from, us the “ratepayers”. Why? Simply because they are for-profit corporations, making money for their shareholders, bleeding us dry and taking our land if we don’t comply with their unlawful “acts” and “statutes”. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a say as to where your money goes, wouldn’t you prefer it to be invested into your local community?

The Freedom movement taking place across the world has offered suv’eranty and empowerment to many who were oppressed and suppressed for centuries, particularly during the past few years, and marks the beginning of the end for the corporate slavery system. 

Since the plandemic came into existence some three years ago, people from all over this nation started to band together en masse and have created alternate councils, calling out the fraud perpetuated by the corporations (“government”), and shown that we are a force to be reckoned with – that together we are mighty. In fact, we have never been mightier. We wish no harm upon anyone, only peace so our originals and non-originals joining forces marks the end of the tyranny of the reign of the corporations. However, will it work? Yes, it will.

Walking with, and standing side by side, Wulawarri King Bumajin, a blood-line descendant heir and successor of Wulawarri, King Bennalong of Gumbaynggirr Nation of the Dotti Clan, and New Nation advocate, ‘Berni’, working with respect for each other and in co-operation, coming together to better serve not only the Gumbaynggirr Nation, but all living men and women of Terra Australis. Wulawarri King Bumajin, a blood-line descendant heir and successor of Wulawarri King Bennalong of Gumbaynggirr Nation of the Dotti Clan, signing, for the Gumbaynggirr Nation, the first “Notice of Appointment of Caretaker”, paves the way forward for those wishing to remove themselves from current corporate Councils. The “Notice of Appointment of Caretaker”, autographed and confirmed by our First Nation Elders and/ or blood line, is the lawful authority to maintain and care for the land, that the property you reside upon is yours, lawfully, to caretake and all “authority” by councils and banks become null and void.

With “The Voice” looming in front of us, its main intentions being to remove our lands from us, and the fictional corporate Councils unable to provide, upon request, the validity of their documents, Titles, and demands, the authority of their whole system comes into question.

Walking alongside our First Nations Peoples is our path to creating a new peaceful, co-existential way of life. The Gumbaynggirr New Nations advocates, have created an organic Council for the people, as many groups are doing, all over Terra Australis, these new councils being both lawful and legal under the “Monopolies Act 1624”, acting as an alternative to the corporate Councils. Thanks to the “Monopolies Act 1624”, starting an alternative Council is not as hard as you may think, and the groundwork has already been done to help you in your area. The aim of these Councils is to provide decentralised governance of community assets and to empower people to stand in their own unalienable rights, with lawful documentation, resources, and unity, so that they may work cooperatively and stand as one, keeping resources local and eradicating ridiculous, and corrupt extravagant spending by the corporate greed.

As one people, we are enjoying bonding with, standing alongside, and working with our First Nations brothers and sisters, as we step into new territory, that of a bright, secure future for our children and grandchildren.

With Gratitude and Respect,

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